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Goebel - James Rizzi

 A Celebration of Life

James Rizzi was a pop artist with a difference. By applying his signature style to everyday objects, he understood, like few others, how to transcend the border between art and daily life. In doing so, he became one of the most popular artists of our time.

For example, the New York City Yellow Cab will take you on a shopping spree amidst the stunning high rises. James Rizzi's colourful objects are both stylish and functional: The 'Taxi to my Pen Pal' will hold your most cherished pen, and his 'Taxi to Remember' will hold your thoughts, jotted down on a notepad. Your money will be safe in Rizzi's bank, while his version of the Empire State Building, a limited edition, will charm New York friends and aficionados. And collectors note—more is on the way!

Artist’s mugs and demitasses. Elegant artist cups and espresso cups for connoisseurs, all with James Rizzi's magic touch. And don’t forget to discover the little hidden symbols underneath!


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